Friday, March 14, 2008



Monday, January 14, 2008

Keziah singing!

This was just a few minutes after the other one! Anna is still doing my hair...and I'm playing with Keziah's hair.

This was in the summer I think.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Charity and I playing piano. Hopefully no one sees this cept Charity!


We are soooooo goofy! I love you! Please don't show this to anyone! It's rather embarrassing!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Days go by

This week has gone by really fast, it's my first week of school, I actually did start August 17th, but all my classes didn't start until this week. It seems like it is Tuesday or something. Monday I had my first day of Branch, I only have one class there, but I'm helping my mom with gym class for the little kids. Which isn't so bad, it's only every other week too. Then I have Algebra 2 there, which is good. I like Algebra way better then Geometry. I hated Geometry! It was not fun at all! I'm also taking 2 classes at Noeah group, which just started this week also. I'm taking Earth Science there and Geography. Two really kind of easy classes, they're just time consuming. This week in World Views we had a lot of homework, 5 essays and a paper and 5 chapters in this book called The Universe Next Door. It's not so bad, we've read it before....all we have to do is get some quotes and then write an essay on each chapter.
Tomorrow I have to work from 6:30-10, I hate working in the's so boring. Then I have a piano lesson with Mrs. Camara.....she gave me a lot of work this week. It should be very interesting, I worked really hard. But I didn't get it all done. So we'll see what she has to say about that. Then I have class....yuck! And I have no idea what I will be doing tomorrow night. I usually just hang out at my house with my siblings and parents.
I don't think anyone will read this since I haven't updated for.....well a long time. But my mom decided it was time for me to update, so here it is.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Busy Day

Today i have tons to do, first I woke up at 9:15 and my mom was taking the boys to the Camara's house for a picture for the movie tonight. Anyways, we got there and i was waiting for my mom in the car, and Kate came out and we talked about tonight and the rest of our week, we've been trying to do something for the past like 2 weeks and every time we plan something, something comes up. It's so awful! Like last night, we were gonna do something, but her family had someone over for dinner, and I had to get ready for the swim meeting at our house. So we both canceled. Ok anyways, I got home and read my book, then i mowed the front yard. Now i'm blogging and i have to go to work day in like 15 minutes. But then after workday i have to go to work, from 5-9, then straight from work i'm going to see the movie at IUPUI, at least i think, it will probably already be over, but i'm going cuz Kate asked me to, and I haven't talked with her in forever. And that's my sort of busy day.
My sister came home last night!!! I was so excited!!! I gave her a big huge hug, and she said "watch the sunburns!" And i just laughed and squeezed her tighter! Then she had to tell me about EVERYTHING! So we stayed up pretty late talking. I think all and all she liked it.
I need to go know. It's time to go to workday. And i'm not ready yet. BYE!!!!
Oh ya!! 1 week and 1 day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Swim Team Meeting

Tonight is the swim team meeting, at our house....which means we have to clean up the whole house to get ready for it. But we're taking a break now. I woke up kinda late, since i didn't get to bed until around 2. I had to do my QT and write in my journal and i read a few chapters in my book. It's a weird book, but i like weird books.
When i woke up they were watching Pocahontas without me! I was so mad....but i watched the ending. I love that movie, Becca got one and two from the library. She also got Oliver and Company, and the Iron Giant. That movie is so cute. We watched it last night. I'm trying to paint a picture, it's a tiger and it's like a third of the way done. I need it done by Saturday though. So I'll be doing that most of the time now. The Blackwoods are coming home in 2 days and one week!!! I'm so excited!!! I need to go shopping for food that we can eat and movies we can watch and all that good stuff!!! I can't believe it has already been 1 year and a half! It sometimes feels longer but sometimes it feels shorter. And 1 week and 2 days is unbelievable, since I haven't seen them in so long, it makes no sense that I'm going to see them in such a short while. I can't wait!
I didn't have to work today, it was really nice. I've been working a lot's kinda annoying. And whenever they need someone to come in, they call my mom and she always says that i can work, when i really don't want to. It stinks. They think that I'm always available, I'M NOT!! Anyways as you can see I'm pretty bitter about it.
Well the meeting is very soon, and i need to watch the girls. FUN FUN!!! We might watch a movie....that would be fun!!! I love to you all later!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Summer's here!!!

Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted...actually a long long while. But I've been very busy, with life and school. But that's no reason, so I'm really sorry!
This summer one of my bestest friends is coming back from Aussie, for a whole month!!! She is actually coming in 3 days and 1 week!!! I'm very excited!!! WE are going to do so much together, she's coming back June 14th, we're going to go the airport, and then go to walmart, and get some junk, then we're going to Ellie's house. Which is going to be a blast! Then we will be going to covi!! It's gonna be a fun summer.
I decided not to go to Echo this year, since I've gone 2 years in a row, and Cathy wasn't going. But I call the team a whole lot! They are getting annoyed with me, but who cares. I call them as much as I can.
Today I woke up and went to work, for 3 hours, then i got home and cleaned my room, we then ordered pizza, and Ellie called and asked me if i wanted to go out to starbucks with her, i said yes and we did. We were gone for around an hour and a half. We had tons of fun! She's so fun! And we have a lot in common.
It's kinda late so I'll just say goodbye now! GOODBYE!!!!
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